What does API mean for your business?

The development of APIs has allowed digital transformation to become a reality. Learn about this great technological advance and how it can benefit your company.

The arrival of digital media has revolutionized almost everything. In the case of transport services, the benefits are many compared to traditional ones. UBER is perhaps the most popular company in that regard; It is easy to access, its use is simple, it is secure, it has various payment methods, the trip can be shared, it is possible to rate the service, which makes it of better quality. Best of all, you can do it from a cell phone.

The success of its model is that it reinvented the user experience from start to finish, offering a revolutionary mobility alternative in line with the times we live in. But what if the creators of that application had to invest time and money to develop everything the platform offers themselves? Perhaps, without the help of Google Maps they would never have managed to come out.

Fortunately, today there is the possibility that a digital product or service communicates with others to take advantage of its development; that’s the function of an API.

Two heads are better than one: what is an API?

The APIs are Application Programming Interfaces. They are connection points that are developed within different applications or web platforms, which allow them to communicate with each other and mutually benefit from the services that each one offers to provide the end user with an integral experience.

For example, when a purchase is made through a platform, you can pay with Paypal because both systems are in communication; The platform saves time and money by not having to develop its own payment system and integrates one that is well known and used, making it easier for the end user to make their purchase.

APIs and identity validation

Right now thousands of companies are developing incredible platforms to make our lives easier. However, let’s go back to the case of UBER, what would happen if you were not sure that the driver that takes you to your destination is not the same as the one in the photo of the application? With an API, the identity of the driver could be validated to ensure that it is the same person who is registered, for example, when performing a face match.

Although UBER has its own security protocols, other companies could follow suit to find alternatives that benefit their own customers.

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