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Tu Identidad is a project that was born like all big dreams: with a team
talented convinced that they can contribute to transform the market.
But not all dreams come true, it takes vision to dare to innovate, and great knowledge that only comes with the experience you get from working for years in a sector of the economy as complex as financial.
However, this dream has finally come true and aims to create a new ecosystem in identity validation that is very useful to other companies, customers or users to propose a different way of doing business.
Founded in 2017 in Mexico City by a group of specialists with extensive experience in the financial, regulatory and technological sector, who know very well what are the problems that Mexican companies face when they cannot validate a person's identity or company in their KYC processes, conceptualized and developed a comprehensive, secure and 100% digital solution that would attack the problem at its roots.
Our philosophy is inspired by everyday work, the use of technology to propose solutions in the digital age, security and law enforcement to make a better country with competitive companies that can help each other grow.
ISO 9001-Tuidentidad

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