Validate the information on a proof of address, such as a light bill.

Through OCR technology, information is extracted from the proof of residency issued by the user, which is used to prove its veracity by contrasting it with official sources to validate that is indeed authentic and has not been altered.

Once the address has been authenticated, our cognitive models of artificial intelligence transform the address into geographic coordinates to verify the physical existence of it by locating it on a satellite map and capturing an image of the exterior that proves that it is not a phantom place.

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Validate the address of your clients or users

Instantly know if the proof of residency that your client has just sent is real

Validate the existence of the address of your clients or users with the verification of their address through geolocation.

Instantly know if the address that your user has just sent is real and is validated by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

You will not be in contact ghost people; you will be 100% sure of the location of your client or user.

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