5 reasons why using the cloud is easier and safer

Storing, producing or sending documents or information in the cloud is safe! 5 reasons why having your data in the cloud is better than on a physical computer.

Throughout the development of computing, we have witnessed how storage devices have changed. Who does not remember the classic floppy disks or when the first USB memory sticks came out? And it is that these objects are perhaps one of the most characteristic features of this discipline, without which we could not imagine the world as we know it today. Of course, the world continues to evolve, now we have streaming services, file storage platforms, online word processors or even security systems, and yes, all of this is stored in the cloud!

What is the cloud?

What we colloquially call Cloud, are actually platforms that are supported on a network of remote servers that contain information in a fragmented way to guarantee its security and store data that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Advantages of using a cloud

1. It’s safer

This is the most frequent question of those who still do not dare to use a cloud. Well, the cloud is more secure for a simple reason: the data is stored in several servers with high security standards and not in a single physical space that can be vulnerable simply because it is connected to the internet and depends on human errors, which makes it susceptible to errors. The level of security will depend on the service provider, and of course you properly manage who has access to the cloud, although you could also shield it, for example, in Your Identity we can provide this service in a 100% secure way to be able to store and manage the documents in a cloud.

2. Save more digital files

Depending on the storage service, you will be able to save a large amount of data or files that are available all the time, avoiding the physical space you need to store papers, that your local storage devices work correctly, that they get lost, leaving your information trapped or in hands of some stranger.

3. Share files easily

This is one of the most notable advantages, since with the rise of remote work it is necessary for several users to have access to the files in order to manage them in a better way. Digital documents make processes more agile and allow several people to participate in their production, the best thing is that you can have control over it by limiting what you want to share, they can also be signed electronically, which guarantees that they do not can be altered or modified by anyone.

4. Remote access

This feature is what makes it very attractive, since from anywhere in the world with internet access you can access your files just by validating your identity. Forget about having to be looking for where to print the files that you carry in your memory, it is easier for your documentation to be managed from a single platform and if you are a company, you can extend the registration of your clients or provide your collaborators with what they need to do their jobs well and from almost any device.

5. Reduce operating costs

If all companies knew the costs that are reduced by hiring this type of services, they would surely think twice before continuing to waste time and money on inefficient processes, back office work, computers that constantly have to renew or on security attacks that they have their teams.

At Tu Identidad we work to offer a cloud from where you can manage all the documentation of your company, validate the identity of your users and manage sensitive data without fear of someone else accessing your information.

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Photo by NASA on Unsplash