Frequently Asked Questions

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We have a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will help answer your doubts regarding our solutions.

1. Tu Identidad does a KYC from start to finish?

Yes, with our Know Your Customer product you will be able to validate the identity of your clients or users in seconds and access a complete and secure digital file.

2. What is the difference between KYC and KYB?

Our solutions have been developed to meet your validation needs, whether you want to authenticate a natural person with Know Your Customer (KYC) or a legal person with Know Your Business (KYB).

3. Can I contract only some services?

Yes, we have different validation services for your company, all of them are adaptable to your needs and requirements. You hire what you require, nothing more!

4. How long does it take to validate a company?

With our KYB platform, you can access a complete and validated file of a company in just 24 hours.

5. How long can I integrate the validation services?

Our APIs and SDKs are designed to integrate into your processes in a few minutes. Your development team will love it!

6. Do you only have operations in Mexico?

Yes, at the moment we only have attention in Mexico, but we are working to expand soon to all of Latin America.

7. Will you help me comply with the regulation?

Totally! We know Mexican regulation like the back of our hand, because we learned and developed our solutions in accordance with the needs and legality of our country. No one knows Mexico better than Mexicans!

8. Which blacklists do you consult?

A search of the client, supplier or user is carried out in more than 30 national and international public blacklists, which comply with those requested by the regulator and some more; such as the Global FCPA List, the Global PEP List, among others.

9. How much do your services cost?

Each company is different, that is why to make a quote, we must first understand your needs. Contact us, request your demo and we will find the best solution for you!

10. Where can I consult the documentation?

All the documentation of our APIs and SDKs can be found at the following link: See documentation

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