Know Your Customer (KYC)
for businesses

The comprehensive identity validation platform that will allow you
authenticate companies quickly, remotely and 100% securely.
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Easy to use
and 100% safe

Having a remote, immediate and foolproof system translates into an excellent user experience and a quick incorporation.

Reduce your validation operating costs

By performing a remote, effective and immediate validation, your processes become more efficient, reduce their cost and are accomplished in less time.

Prevent identity theft fraud

Through our validation services, we give companies the security of being able to prevent fraud from an early stage in a business relationship.

100% digital control

Simplify the documentation and you have the opinions in a more organized and immediate way.

Validate companies
in seconds

By using our validation platform, you simplify the process of incorporating companies by authenticating the identity of your customers and suppliers in a fast, remote and 100% secure way.

Say goodbye to fraud!

You will not come into contact with shell companies. You will be 100% sure who you are dealing with. Without papers or bureaucratic procedures.

A digital file, complete and validated

Increase the productivity of your internal validation area

Legal background check

Tu Identidad carries out a background check of the company in question, based on the capture and evaluation of the data extracted from Articles of incorporation and Powers of attorney.

Electronic signature
(.cer file)

By uploading and sending the Security Certificate (.cer file) of the electronic signature (FIEL) of the company in question, the unique identification code of the certificate is validated, as well as its period of validity, from the day of its issue, until the date of its termination.

Start validating companies now!

With digital registration you simplify the process of incorporating companies, reducing your operating costs by more than 60%
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