Allows the signing of any document remotely and complies with Mexican regulations

A user’s autograph signature is captured through the screen of a mobile device to be used as valid in the document to be signed and provides the technological and legal certainty that the document in question will remain intact and unalterable.

It complies with the regulatory framework in particular of each economic activity for digital signature, such as: Advanced Electronic Signatures Law, Fintech Law, Federal Labor Law, Commerce Code, Federal Civil Code, among others.

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Capture the autograph signature of your clients

And reduce your costs and operating times, while complying with the Mexican regulation on digital signature

It complies with the requirements established by law in Mexico to give it legal validity (NOM 151).

It provides the certainty that the document will remain complete, unalterable and available.

It facilitates the signing of a document remotely without the need for the signer to be physically at the place where the operation is carried out.

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