This Adhesion Agreement is signed between TE IDENTIFICAS S.A.P.I. DE C.V. and the USER, for the use and exploitation, of the TU IDENTIDAD mobile application, as well as the delegated authentication services provided through it; Through this contract, the user accepts all of the Terms and Conditions of Use contained in the document, the foregoing in terms of the provisions of the Federal Law on Consumer Protection, the Civil Code, the Federal Law on Copyright, the Industrial Property Law and the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, pursuant to the following:

Provider General

1. Identity, address and means of contact

b) Address: Av. Vasco de Quiroga Prolongation No. 1700 Floor 2, Álvaro Obregón Mayor’s Office, Santa Fe city center, CP 01210 in Mexico City.
c) Telephones:
d) Email:

2. Welcome to our mobile application Tu Identidad

Whose main purpose is to provide the delegated authentication service against third parties. The user declares his consent to the present terms and conditions of use that constitute an adhesion contract, in terms of the provisions of the Federal Civil Code.

3. Description of the site or platform.

to. Glossary

I. User

Citizen of legal age in terms of article 34 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States.

II. Use

By use is understood all access, interaction, purchase, upload and download of content, exchange of information and consumption of our services.

III. Content

Any information and documents, including photos, data and images that are requested in your identification process.

IV. Client

Natural or legal person who hires our services to authenticate his clients, prospects, employees, or anyone else who has or wishes to have a legal relationship with him, or agrees to authenticate them through our mobile application as an intermediary.

V. Delegated authentication

It is a type of authentication that allows the user to be identified to an external organization, be it a natural or legal person with whom we have an agreement (customer).

VI.Verification of identity

In order to provide our services and ensure that the information provided by the user is authentic and correct, in order to protect users, TU IDENTIDAD  carries out a consultation or validation process of the documents or some documents provided, with the authorities competent or the original databases.

In particular, the traces of the Elector’s credential will be validated in the INE databases, in order to prevent any identity theft, which is why by accepting this contract, you, the user, expressly authorize in terms of article 1803 of the Federal Civil Code this consultation.

VII. Mobile application: program that is downloaded and installed on the mobile device of a user or a client to carry out the delegated authentication service and verification of the user’s identity.

b. Services

I. The User can register to upload their information and authenticate themselves to third parties with whom we have an agreement or contract.
iii. For the provision of our services, the user must upload basic identification and contact information, and may, depending on their specific requirements and needs, upload additional information and digitized documents.

c. Prices and contracting conditions

Our service is offered through two models, one free and the other paid in the terms detailed below:

Free Model

Payment Model

4. Intellectual Property

a. Rights holders

TE IDENTIFICAS S.A.P.I. DE C.V., is the sole and exclusive owner of the intellectual property rights of the mobile application in terms of the Federal Law on Copyright; However, above all that content uploaded or provided by users, it is understood under protest to tell the truth that it is their property, so users grant TE IDENTIFICAS S.A.P.I. DE C.V., a non-exclusive and temporary license for free use and exploitation with respect to any intellectual property rights that users have, during the time they are hosted on the server of TU IDENTIDAD due to the provision of our service.

b. Liability exclusion

Our site is available “as is”, so the user declares their agreement with respect to the features and content present, likewise, TE IDENTIFICAS S.A.P.I. DE CV, is exempt from all responsibility regarding the unavailability of the application or its contents for issues that are not directly attributable to it, for example: failures in the internet or data service, external attacks, natural disasters, causes of force majeure or low content.

c. License

TE IDENTIFICAS S.A.P.I. DE C.V., grants the user, in this act, a non-exclusive, temporary license of use and, depending on the model contracted, free or onerous, regarding the application, so any other right is reserved to TE IDENTIFICAS S.A.P.I. DE C.V. and may exercise the corresponding legal actions in the event of any violation of their intellectual property rights.

d. Express prohibitions

Any type of modification or alteration of the application, copy or partial or total reproduction of the content, distribution or public communication of this by any means or in any format is expressly prohibited. Likewise, the exhibition of material that violates morality, good customs or any Mexican legislation is strictly prohibited; including behaviors presumed to constitute a crime such as: fraud, falsification of documents or identity theft, the user who is surprised or reported by someone else, will be immediately blocked and referred to the competent authorities.

5. Security and limitation of liability

Important Notice About Application Security. The security in the use of the application depends largely on the security of the network through which you access it.

TE IDENTIFICAS S.A.P.I. DE C.V does not guarantee that the application or services will always remain uninterrupted, on time, safe or free of errors beyond our control.

Likewise, we cannot be held responsible for failures in the Internet service, interruptions in the power supply service of the servers, or any technical failure that is not directly attributable to our service.

6. Modifications or updates

TU IDENTIDAD may at any time and when it deems appropriate, make corrections, additions, improvements or modifications to the content, presentation, information, services, and other elements, without giving rise to the right or right to any claim or compensation, or the same implies acknowledgment of any responsibility in favor of the User.

7. Applicable Law

This Agreement will be subject and will be interpreted in accordance with the applicable federal laws and any controversy will be brought before the competent Courts based in Mexico City.

8. Confidentiality of information

TU IDENTIDAD will use the information provided by the user in a confidential way, which will not be disseminated or transmitted for purposes other than those established in this contract for the use of the application or services, unless there is express authorization from the user. How is that authorization?

9. Claims and/or requests for clarification

In case of claim and / or request for clarification regarding the services of TU IDENTIDAD, the user is informed that he may be contacted via email or may go to the address, indicated in point 1 “General of the provider” of these terms and terms.

10. Business practices

TU IDENTIDAD does not carry out misleading commercial practices regarding the characteristics of its services; The operation of this application is in accordance with the purposes for which it was created.