The most complete identity validation solution for your business

Instantly validate the identity of customers, suppliers and users, individuals and corporations, while optimizing your internal
processes and complying with Mexican regulations.
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Reduce up to 60% of the costs currently generated by identity validation

Your internal validation processes can mean a greater cost in time and money... We are the link that simplifies both!
Without papers or bureaucratic procedures!

By performing a remote, effective and immediate validation, your processes become more efficient, reduce their cost and are accomplished in less time.


Complies with Mexican regulations

We know regulations like the back of our hand because we develop our solutions in accordance with the needs and legality of our country.
  • Strengthen your AML/FT risk matrix and prevent your company from being used to launder profits of financial crimes associated with corrupt practices or financing of terrorism.
Validate a user

Prevent identity
theft fraud

Through our validation services, we give companies the security of being able to prevent fraud from an early stage in a business relationship.
  • You will not be in contact ghost companies; you will be 100% sure of the location of your client or supplier.
Validate a company

Simplify, automate and accelerate the validation of your customers or suppliers

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A complete and secure digital file

Incorporation in 48 hours!

With digital registration, the process of incorporating companies is simplified, reducing the current operating costs of identity validation.

An incredible experience!

Having a remote, immediate and secure system translates into a better user experience and a quick conversion.

100% digital control

Simplify the documentation and you have the opinions in a more organized and immediate way.

Read our documentation and integrate Tu Identidad in a few minutes.

Quick and easy

Our APIs and SDKs are designed to integrate into your
processes in a few minutes.

Your development team will love it!

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You no longer need to work with different providers! We develop technology and make it available to you!
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