Hiring services without leaving home? If possible!

Contracting by digital means allows you to access all kinds of services safely and reliably from the comfort of your home.

We knew it was a whole wasted afternoon… going to sign the contract to have cable TV service at home implied gathering the documentation, make copies, going to the customer service center, waiting for our turn to arrive and then signing the contract and leave in the hands of an unknown person copies of official documents that “guaranteed” that they would give us the service.

For some years now, companies have started a digital transformation process that allows their customers to purchase products and services without the need to leave home; according to data from the Internet Mexican Association, the e-commerce grew 28.6% in 2019, although fraud also grew, according to CONDUSEF, only during the first half of 2017 cyber identity theft had a growth of 285 % in Mexico, so how can we be sure that these are reliable operations?

Digital services

Currently you can hire a streaming platform from the comfort of your living room and start enjoying the best movies in minutes. It’s really wonderful, but what happens when you request a service that directly involves people? For example, a transportation service, How do you make sure that sensitive information such as your home address is protected? How do you know if the driver assigned to you is who he says he is and if he is sufficiently trained or can be reliable?

Hiring these services carries some kind of risk, but thanks to the identity validation processes carried out by companies or the development of tools such as user ratings, a bad experience can be prevented. Over time, companies and service providers will surely be able to optimize their processes to guarantee a more reliable user experience, by offering the possibility of, for example, digitizing their contracts as a guarantee of good service.

Why does the digital contract make services more reliable?

For a digital contract to exist, it must have certain elements that ensure which people participated, as well as when the document was signed. It is as if it were a traditional contract, but safer, since many times the hiring of a service does not have the possibility of being traced because the deal is done without a written document, for example, when you take a taxi or when you get a pizza at your home that you ordered by phone. This possibility does not exist with the digital contracting of a service since the request for it must leave a record issued by the qualified providers in digital format. 

Like any contract, the digital format contains a series of clauses that contemplate the obligations and rights of the parties involved. For example, when it comes to a sales contract, return policies are included and that way you can return those shoes that you liked so much but that were not delivered in the size you requested, or in the case of a service, you can request the Your money back when the food delivery man got the wrong burger and brought you the one with the extra spice.

How to make digital contracting more secure?

Any person or company can make use of the digital technologies used in the identity validation processes to contract a service. To guarantee the identity of a person, Tu Identidad specializes in solutions that help companies implement better recruitment processes for their personnel to give end users greater security and confidence.

Validating the identity of any person involved in a contract is essential for the agreements in a relationship of purchase and sale of services to be carried out successfully, although it had not been possible until now that we have the help of new technologies. In addition to guaranteeing the electronic signature of a person in a digital contract, it is also possible to validate their identity by capturing their official documentation or make a proof of life with the evaluation of their biometric data to verify that they really are who they say they are, even in some cases , you can request a proof of address and verify its existence through your geolocation, all that and more is possible thanks to our solutions.

If you want to know more about how to implement them, we can help you, contact us!

We are creating a new identity ecosystem in Mexico! We love to share our experience, the technology we develop and provide the security that our clients need in their companies.

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